Red Bull Not Caving to BLM

Finally, a company has enough. Red Bull Fires ‘Woke’ Diversity Directors Who Tried to Push For BLM Support.

Not only were the top two North American executives fired, but so were entire marketing teams and “culture” teams that were dedicated to pushing the lie of systemic racism.

Red Bull has just shown the way forward for all who want to prevent a total Marxist-style takeover of business and government in America. There is no appeasing these people, the only way forward is to fire them as quickly as possible, and with no mercy. Err on the side of firing everyone, if need be.

They’ve canceled events and entertainment tie-ins.

I may have to see if I can develop a taste for Red Bull, because I am sure that the Left will be calling for boycott in about 4 seconds.

3 thoughts on “Red Bull Not Caving to BLM

  1. Welp, I used to drink M60 over in Thailand to get me going. Looks like I’ll have to start drinking Red Bull now. A can of that and two cups of coffee ought to get my old heart started in the morning.

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