It’s All About the Ratings

Justice? Safety? We are talking about LIVE Television. Sit down and shut up and let the cops be heroes on TV. Or something. They could’ve arrested him at the courthouse. Instead, deputies waited till the cameras were rolling and busted down his door..

The highly weaponized arrest came just 3½ hours after Watsky sat peacefully in a courtroom where deputies had ample opportunity to take him into custody without fanfare.

Watsky, whose alleged offense was ending an argument by hitting his roommate with a shovel, had strolled in and out of the Williamson County Justice Complex for a routine pretrial appearance that afternoon as he had done for months. He had passed through metal detectors under the watchful eyes of armed sheriff’s deputies.

But arresting him under those circumstances wouldn’t have made for good TV. Or any TV, since the cameras weren’t there. The Warrant was entered into the system as “Inactive” so that there was no chance one of the non-TV deputies would have taken him into custody. There would have been no kicking in of doors. Where is the excitement in that?

Anyway go read the whole disgusting thing. Oh, and there are probably lawsuits involved.