Reality Is True Even If You Wish It Weren’t

What happens when politicians command the economy? Or at least try to? Bad things happen. The minimum wage was supposed to help the workers of Seattle. It seems that it hasn’t worked out that way.

Here’s a video from Prager University on the impact raising the minimum wage has had on the restaurant industry in Seattle as told by someone who works for restaurants, Simone Barron, Co-founder of Full Service Workers Alliance.

Hat tip to SiGraybeard and Seattle Takes Another Poison Pill, which talks about more ways the Seattle politicians are conspiring to drive businesses out of Seattle.

2 thoughts on “Reality Is True Even If You Wish It Weren’t

  1. Thanks for the link.

    I saw a thing on Pinterest that I didn’t save but maybe should have. Some guy was saying we could provide free tuition for everyone with simply a 5% tax on one person, Jeff Bezos. I don’t even know if that’s true but it violates my principle of asking, “and then what happens?”

    First off, what gives anyone the right to take someone else’s earnings just because they want them? Second off, do they think Bezos has billions just lying around to take? I swear they think billionaires are Scrooge McDuck or Smaug the dragon swimming in gold coins. Bezos’ net worth is theoretical; it’s what he’d get if he cashed out everything that he has in Amazon and his other companies but that would lower their stock prices which would lower his net worth.

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    • And then what happens is that colleges everywhere raise prices (They are up 4 percent this according to friends with kids in college) despite no one else being able to raise salaries/revenues/whatever.

      And for what? Half of classes are going to “distance learning” Yeah, that sounds like it will work!


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