News Flash: Money Can’t Buy Happiness

I’m shocked to learn this. Actually, I’m only shocked at how insane the WaPo has become. For black men, higher education and incomes don’t lower risks of depression, researchers say. And where would we be without “studies?”

Some headlines are so stupid, you have to click on them, even if they do take you to the Washington Post.

I haven’t looked at the underlying studies, because I usually start screaming about something they’ve done with statistics, or an assumption they’ve made, and I don’t need the aggravation. But there are a couple of statements that require mockery.

“According to our studies, regardless of their economic success and personal ambitions, black males are still perceived as more threatening and dangerous than their female counterparts,” Assari and Curry write.

I would posit that it is true regardless of race. Men are more of a threat than women. The average man is larger and has more muscle-mass than the average woman. Averages don’t say anything about individuals, but we are talking about averages.

But then we get to one of the assumptions that the authors based this whole thing on. Or it could be a straw-man they wanted to light on fire…

Successful black men are not the only ones at risk, they said. But they challenge views that mere attainment can improve mental health outcomes for black men.

Who has that view? Godless Leftists? Community Organizers? Have they never heard that “Money can’t buy happiness?”

I actually think this is a problem with the entire culture. People are chasing ever more material wealth and don’t understand why they aren’t happy. There is an old book, that I read in my youth, Your Money or Your Life. And it covered what got us tied up in the rat race at an early age. You got your first apartment and moved out of your parents’ house. Life was good. You got a better sofa, a new TV and life was a little better than when you had the old sofa and TV from your parents’ house. And so you learned that more stuff made you happy, or at least a little happier. Fast forward 20 years and you are convinced that the kitchen will make you happy if the countertops are made from Italian granite. Not that you do much cooking, and not that you can really afford a $50,000 kitchen remodel, but the people on HGTV always look so happy when the work is done. Or something.

I don’t think this will be fixed for a couple of generations. The Left has mostly destroyed anyone’s ability to look beyond the material for meaning in life.