Security Cameras Do Not Make You Safe

Is this really something that needs to be said? Apparently. WATCH: Security camera captures couple shot at by car burglars.

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because you are shouting about your security cameras.

So some people were trying to break into his car or cars.

Surveillance cameras around his home detected motion, so he investigated.

He was unarmed; they were armed. Can you guess what happened next?

The homeowner was grazed by a bullet on the shoulder but refused medical attention.

The suspects have not been detained or identified at this time.

He is lucky he didn’t get shot in the head for his trouble.

Okay, I often go on about how you can wait a really long time for a response to a 911 call, and you need to be prepared to take action yourself, but that is in cases where your life is in danger. When property is in danger of being stolen, just call 911 and wait. What did going outside accomplish for this guy? He almost got killed, and he now has bullet damage to the brickwork at the front entrance to his home.

Yes you need to be prepared. And yes being prepared doesn’t mean you should act recklessly. Property theft is one of the many reasons you have insurance.

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