“It was like no one was in charge.”

Even in Canada, you are on your own. “An epic failure”: The first duty of police is to preserve life; through the Nova Scotia massacre, the RCMP saved no one.

The RCMP has claimed it did its best in trying to deal with the Nova Scotia mass killer on the weekend of April 18 and 19, but a reconstruction of events by the Halifax Examiner strongly suggests that the police force made no attempt to save lives by confronting the gunman or stopping his spree at any point.

I think they let the spree continue because stopping it might have been dangerous. To the cops, that is. But mostly it sounds like they were incompetent.

Lack of coordination. Lack of communication. People from outside the area who did not know the geography, the way around or much of anything.

Sources within the RCMP say a major problem was that communications between various RCMP units was never co-ordinated. “Everyone was on their own channels,” the source said. “Nothing was synchronized. They could have gone to a single channel and brought in the municipal cops as well, but for some reason they didn’t. It was like no one was in charge.”

There is much in the way of ass-covering. But then what do you expect?