If You Don’t Let The Man Answer Your Questions…

Why bother with the “hearing.” It’s called a hearing, because you are supposed to hear the testimony. Democrats Debut New 2020 Campaign Slogan: ‘Reclaiming My Time!’

If you expected the hearing to be conducted in a civil manner — question asked, question answered — you don’t understand what the Democrats were actually doing. This was a campaign event for them, a chance to air their grievances against the Trump administration and depict Barr, a longtime public servant, as a corrupt tool of Orange Man Bad.

Ace of Spades calls it a “Stalinesque show trial,” but to be fair, it didn’t end with Barr being executed in the basement of the Lubyanka. The execution of dissenters won’t begin until after Biden is elected.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that last bit is a joke.

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