Crazy People Are Dangerous

crime scene tapeYou can also file this under “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.” Phoenix officer shoots knife-wielding man who charged at her, video shows.

How many times should a police officer have to say “drop the knife” before a bad guy believes her?

An intoxicated, knife-wielding man was shot as he charged at a Phoenix police officer while threatening to “slice” her throat, wild video shows.

Click thru for the video, since WordPress won’t let me embed it here. Though be aware that it does include this idiot getting shot. When I watch this video I can only think that he was trying to commit suicide-by-cop.

Hat tip to The Other McCain – who I shamelessly stole the title to this post from. He notes…

Even if the cop had unloaded her magazine on this deranged dimwit, there still wouldn’t be any white people protesting. If I may appoint myself as a spokesman for the white community, I’d say our general sentiment is, if you’re stupid enough to bring a knife to a gunfight, you deserve whatever happens to you. And did I mention Crazy People Are Dangerous?

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