Not the Sharpest Tools in the Shed

Almost a Quote of the Day. Stupid Is as Stupid Does.

You know, when I highlight stories like this, I hesitate to point out the obvious lesson, for fear that I might be giving criminals advice on how better to get away with felonies. But then I rememember that these idiots are probably illiterate, so there is no harm in saying this…

Yes do do have to click the link to see the whole thing.

And then there is this candidate for Mensa: Antifa Trash Fire Roundup.

How did the feds apprehend this criminal genius? Well, they were helped by the fact that (a) Schinzing was shirtless during the “mostly peaceful” protest, and (b) he has his rather distinctive surname tattooed on his back.

Did you think that this “protest” (the peaceful part lasted less than 20 minutes) would be different from all the rest, and there would be no cameras? Geniuses. They are geniuses in Antifa.