Self-defense Is Legal in Missouri

Even if Prosecutors and relatives of dead criminals don’t like that. Wesley Bell will not charge Darren Wilson.

Also, it is a little unusual in 2020 to see that a prosecutor talks about ethics.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell met with the family of the late Michael Brown on Thursday, July 30 to tell them that he will not charge Darren Wilson in connection with the killing of their son.

“By Missouri’s legal standards, not only would I have to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but I also would have to disprove a self-defense argument beyond a reasonable doubt,” Bell told The American. “I can’t ethically charge him. It would violate the ethical standards of my profession.”

He’s not the 1st one to admit that self-defense is legal. His predecessor and the DOJ under Obama both declined to prosecute.

Actually what does it say about the current state of government attorneys that I’m shocked that a DA is talking about ethics?

Self-defense is a human-right.