Are Gated Communities Safe?

Did the Maginot Line stop the German invasion of France? 2 men killed, woman injured in baseball bat attack at Windermere home, police say.

Sure they offer some added protection. But are they a guarantee of safety? Of course not.

Windermere police said Ezekiel Emanuel Hopkins pushed the community’s gate open with his car then tried to steal a car from the home when he was confronted by the homeowners, John and Lisa Savey.

This story will not get national attention because there is no way to push the gun-control agenda. Do we need commonsense baseball-bat control? Would that be any more effective?

As we see from this story, gates and fences can be overcome in a number of ways. Sure, they provide security, and if you click thru you will see the gates came with lots of security cameras, but passive defenses only work so well.

And there are no guarantees in this life.

Hat tip to Wombat-socho and to Vox Day who notes “Gated communities won’t save you.”

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