“Staggering Amounts of Violence” But Mayor Focused on Recreation

“Safe” isn’t the word I would use. Mayor says Detroit is safe enough to bring back summer recreation programs.

To be fair, he is trying to deal with some fallout from the lockdown, like property tax relief for people who are out of work, but…

But the mayor said the city is still struggling to find a way to stem the staggering amount of violence that erupted this summer. Homicides are up 31% and shootings are up 53%. There have been nearly 400 shootings over the last two months, resulting in 63 deaths. Those figures include three people shot by police — two of whom died after shooting at or pointing a gun at police.

And of course they need to emphasize the 0.75% of shootings that were by police, and – not ignore exactly – the 99.25% of shootings that were not done by cops. Because if we defund the police, all the problems will go away, or something.

So against the backdrop of 400 shootings, the mayor is worried about summer programs for the kids. Somehow I have to think that reducing the number of shootings would be good for everyone, including the kids.