Big City Violence

Does anyone have a plan?

First let’s look at New York. Man shot dead outside his Queens apartment, capping a night of bloodshed across the city.

4 murders in 12 hours… that rate beats Chicago’s average…

As of July 26, cops have seen a 29% jump in homicides across the five boroughs, from 176 this time last year to 227, officials said.

The NYPD has also seen a 73% jump in shootings, from 431 to 745, officials said.

Speaking of Chicago… Shootapalooza Weekend.

While the festival may have been cancelled much to the chagrin of suburban 20-somethings looking to get shitfaced and partake in an expensive ambulance ride to Northwestern, Shootapalooza is a go and always puts in a solid audition for the headliner weekend of the year.

Click thru for the totals…

And while not in the same league as Chicago… July’s gun violence worries Columbus police. That would be Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus has had 75 homicides so far in 2020, with more than 41% of those occurring in June and July.

“Things have literally just exploded,” said Deputy Chief Tim Becker.

July was the second straight month in 2020 with higher than normal homicide rates. Fourteen homicides happened in June, two of which involved juvenile victims. That month saw a 40% increase from June 2019 and a 133% increase over the six homicides that occurred in June 2018.

And not so large cities. Cleveland, Ohio. 11 people shot in Cleveland over 11-hour period, including pregnant woman & 15-year-old boy.

That story says no one died, but other articles say that the unborn child did not survive.

Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis police renew call for help from public as homicides accumulate in 2020.

As of Friday, 160 people have been killed in Memphis this year.

That compares to 2018, the last year for which complete data is available from the FBI, in which there were 186 murders for the entire year.

I’ve written before that I don’t have a plan. We know that Broken Windows can reduce crime rates, but it was handled so ineptly and with such disregard for civil liberties in New York City, that it is just not an option today. But then I don’t know what is. We’ve seen that reductions in police presence leads to an increase in lawlessness. No one should be surprised at that outcome, BTW. Hobbes published a book that dealt with exactly that topic in 1651. And from the insane things being said by the Mayor of Chicago, I’m pretty sure the mayors don’t have a plan either.