Government Health Care

The VA does a lot of things wrong, or so it seems. New lawsuit calls out Clarksburg V-A for lax care in vet’s death.

First, what happened.

Reta Mays, a former nursing assistant who worked the night shift, pleaded guilty this month to killing seven veterans and attempting to kill an eighth.

Her plea agreement acknowledged that she had used her time alone with veterans like Edgell to inject fatal doses of insulin, causing their blood sugar to plummet to levels where they could not be revived.

So there is a lawsuit over one of the deaths; it is claiming the VA is responsible because they couldn’t be bothered to even figure out what was going on…

“They listed this man’s death as dementia. That had absolutely noting to do with his death. It just shows they didn’t care one bit. They didn’t look into this,” he said,

Colombo — along with Edgell’s family — believes there is a clear pattern by the hospital of not paying attention and failing to protect the patients, several of whom were known to have been murdered in the hospital and others whose deaths are still classified as “suspicious” but may never be proven to be the result of murder.

That is something that most people don’t realize. That doctors can write anything that they want under “cause of death” on a death certificate.

I have to say, that if you are surprised that government-provided health care could be described as “they didn’t care one bit,” then I think you haven’t been paying attention.

So can you sue the government, or does this come under the heading of limited immunity? I guess we will see.