Democrats Hate Suburbia

And won’t rest until everything is a high-rise, mess. Democrats vs. Suburbia: Biden Will Make ‘Magic Dirt Theory’ Federal Policy.

And then I investigated, and discovered that Democrats plan to abolish single-family home zoning.

It’s for your own good peasant, so just shut up and do what we tell you to do.

Here is what is said on Biden’s website – after you click past the plea for money. The Biden Plan for Investing in Our Communities through Housing – Joe Biden for President

Eliminate local and state housing regulations that perpetuate discrimination. Exclusionary zoning has for decades been strategically used to keep people of color and low-income families out of certain communities.

Want to live in a neighborhood of single-family homes? Nope, not allowed. Want to minimum lot size. Nope not allowed. Want a minimum house size? (That is common in upscale developments.) Also not allowed.

All decisions will be made by the Dems in Washington. Because they know best.

Back to The Other McCain for the definition of the Magic Dirt Theory.

Biden and the Democrats have embraced, as the basis of policy, what Vox Day has called Magic Dirt Theory, “the idea that beliefs, behaviors, and values somehow appear in particular geographical areas, from the air, from the water, or from the ground, rather than being carried from place to place by groups of people wherever they happen to be.”

This is a problem.

2 thoughts on “Democrats Hate Suburbia

  1. Straight out of the socialist playbook, or Agenda 21, or whatever they’re calling it this week.

    Put everyone in something like the old soviet apartments. No cars, you’ll take the train everywhere. No freedom to go anywhere. National parks, if they exist, don’t allow anything motorized, you can only get as far as you can walk. Most of the country becomes Forbidden Zones where people aren’t allowed. Mostly people will only be allowed in densely populated urban zones.

    At least guys like Ted Turner will honestly tell us he wants us dead. He says he wants to kill off 95% of the human race. And he’s not the extreme of that side.


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