The Mayor Is Disturbed That Cops Are Minutes Away

So Hagerstown, Maryland Mayor Bob Bruchey had a reason to call 911. Cops were not there instantly, and he didn’t like the way things were handled. County official says mayor distorted 911 reaction to theft call.

He said in a F*c*book post that he was “on the phone for 9 minutes.” He wasn’t. He hung up on 911 because he was pissed that cops were not there instantly.

The first officer, flagged down by Bruchey, called into the dispatch center 6 minutes and 21 seconds into the call to ask to be added to the call, that he’d been flagged down and was checking the area.

Someone arrived at his house at 8 minutes after he called 911.

This was for a property theft call, in which no weapons were involved.

But politicians expect better service than the rest of us can expect. And then there is the politics…

There was no reference during the county officials’ discussion about a dispute between the city and county regarding city officials’ recent decision not to make its annual $405,630 payment to the county for the 911 center.

So how does that work? I can just decide not to pay my property taxes? I don’t think so. But then politicians don’t believe that the rules apply to them.

And yes, if you call 911 they are going to ask you a bunch of questions. They are going to REPEATEDLY ask for your address.

It matters what is happening, but emergency personnel need to know where to go.

Screaming at the 911 call-taker is not going to help your situation.