July in Chicago

I was hoping that proprietor of HeyJackass! was going to do a summary of the month post, under Enlightening Commentary, and we have that at last. July Wrap-up

A breakdown of the month’s idiocy shows:

  • 96 shot & killed
  • 6 fatally stabbed
  • 5 killed via other means
  • 1 shot by CPD, 0 fatally
  • 3 CPD officers shot, 0 fatally
  • 2 shot by CCW, 0 fatally

There are more stats… Click thru.

The numbers really do tell most of the story.

Well, the good folks of Chicago elected politicians who did not value law and order in Mayor Groot and State’s Attorney Crimesha. So now what they have is a distinct lack of law and order.

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