What’s the Use of Government?

Why do governments exist? Something about securing the blessings of liberty comes to mind. Defund the government.

Municipalities that can’t provide basic services lose any justification for their existence.

Local governments now want to be lavishly funded so that they can shut down businesses, open up prisons, keep schools closed, keep crime high and defund first responders.

What exactly is the appeal of this arrangement?

Would you stay in a place where the police can’t keep you safe (or they have been eliminated in favor of Social Justice), and the politics of an area keep you from defending yourself? What would you do? Sit down and wait to be a victim?

We’ve seen what happens when people decide that local government can’t help them. They abandon their locale, like what happened in Detroit. They leave everything they worked for, because what they really wanted was for their family to be safe. So what happens if you don’t think your family can’t have a future where you are? You don’t stay. If enough people decide to leave, then you aren’t leaving much behind.

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