Do You Want to Survive?

Or do you want to prove you are a badass? And an idiot. Avoiding a fight is always better, if you can. From The Adventures of Roberta X: You…Make The Call!

Sometimes you can’t. But if you can…

There we were, on our way to [generic location] and they have the street filled up with some kind of a protest! They’re telling us to turn around. One of them’s got a gun.

You make the call! Do we:
A: Get the hell out of there, pronto,
B: Keep trying to press forward.

If you picked B for any reason, you’re a fool.

No they didn’t have the right to do what they are doing. As Roberta says, call the cops.

2 thoughts on “Do You Want to Survive?

  1. I wish it was that easy a call. It sure doesn’t seem that clear to me.

    From what I see, they’ll wall you off with people on all sides of the car. They’ve already surrounded a car and shot the driver (the one in Utah – Provo?) And if you’re in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis or some other places, good luck calling the police. They’re not doing anything. You’re on your own in a very dangerous situation.


    • Yes, but that wasn’t the case in Indianapolis.

      If you can leave, you should leave. If you can’t leave, then you should be prepared to fight.


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