This is Awkward, Or It Would Be…

If the Left had any shame at all… Gallup: 81 Percent Of Black Americans Want Police Protection, Some Want More.

The survey, conducted June 23 – July 6, showed 61 percent of black Americans supported police spending the same about of time in their neighborhoods while 20 percent wanted law enforcement to spend more time in their streets. Nineteen percent said police should spend less time in their community.

I am accused of writing too much about Chicago, and with good reason, but it used to be home, and miss the city. They way it used to be, anyway.

People who are the victims of crime, don’t generally want the criminals to get off with no repercussions. Cops are required if there are to be repercussions. Or I suppose you believe that a social worker will talk a gang member into turning himself in peacefully. (This is me, not holding my breath.)