Cooperation Didn’t Mean He Backed Off

He inflicted a fate worse than death, but he can’t be charged with murder. Man Charged in Shooting of Roxbury Convenience Store Clerk. And even if he was to be charged with murder, this is Massachusetts, where they are too civilized to do anything about it.

The waste-of-oxygen is 25-year-old Stephon Samuel of Lynn, Massachusetts. He was in jail on an unrelated matter when detectives arrested him for the robbery/shooting.

The store’s owner, Abdul Matin, says police told him a man came in shortly before closing and pulled a gun. He says Siam gave the attacker everything he asked for, but the man still took his crime to the next horrific level.

He shot the clerk in the head, because cooperating with violent criminals does not stop them from being violent criminals.

The Left loves to go on about “Just give them what they want.” They never seem to want to discuss rape in that context, or rarely do they want to. Too bad it is no guarantee; it is only a strategy for dealing with a violent encounter. I think it is a poor strategy, but in Massachusetts, what choice do you have?