Fingerprints? That Takes Effort

Forget all that stuff you saw on CSI, or NCIS or NYPD Blue, the Chicago PD can’t be bothered. A gun stolen, a clean set of fingerprints, and a police department won’t collect the evidence.

Police dispatch records show the officer who handled the man’s call made three attempts over an hour to get an evidence technician assigned.

“The prints are still visible,” the cop said at one point. “I thought they’d try?”

Because it is just that a firearm has been stolen. Nothing important.

Second City Cop gets the Hat tip. He notes… Fingerprints?

Here’s a dirty secret that not many people outside of the Department seem to know about:

  • 95 times out of 100, an ET will not come out unless there is someone in custody

So even if they pick this guy up tomorrow, they can’t charge him because there is literally no evidence.