Chicago and The Failure of Law and Order

Facepalm X 2You may have heard that they had themselves another riot in Chicago. They looted the stores on (what used to be) The Magnificent Mile. Again. That is either 4 or 5 times this year, I’ve lost track.

Probably Not Trump Voters: Looters Smash Stores in Downtown Chicago.

Democrats are all about social justice, and by “social justice,” I mean smashing windows and looting luxury stores. [SNIP]

Louis Vuitton, Omega — “social justice” is all about name-brand value. If you don’t understand why it was necessary to loot these stores, that’s probably because you’re a racist Republican

How did this start? Well, someone who didn’t want to be arrested shot at cops and missed. The cops shot back and didn’t miss. Result = riot.

In the age of surveillance cameras, there is lots and lots of video. Video: Looters pillage Mag Mile and Loop in social media-fueled riot.

Hundreds of looters ravaged Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Rush Street, Oak Street, and Loop shopping districts early Monday after plans to burglarize the stores spread on social media. By sunrise, the looting was spreading to Wicker Park and other neighborhoods, according to police scanner traffic.

And some of it is from Twitter. Watch: Twitter videos document overnight looting and riots in Chicago.

But don’t worry, Mayor Groot (that would be Lori Lightfoot) is all over the mostly peaceful parties on the beach, because masks must be worn. City takes new steps to deter gatherings at Montrose Beach after Lightfoot slams ‘reckless’ lakefront party. At least they have their priorities right. Or maybe not.

And don’t you DARE to point out the fact that turning criminals loose encourages more crime. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot pushes back against question about rioters being encouraged by ‘lack of consequences’.

She cut the reporter off – who was talking to Police Superintendent Brown – and while Brown didn’t answer the question, it wasn’t needed anyway.

Earlier in the press conference, Brown suggested that the lenient treatment of people who were arrested during the summer unrest over the death of George Floyd, played a role in what happened in Chicago overnight.

“Not many of those cases were prosecuted to the full extent,” Brown said. “These looters, these thieves, these criminals being emboldened by (the lack of) consequences … emboldened to do more.”

He added that many of the arrests made during May and June, were not “prosecuted the fullest extent.”

That is the attitude that will get Brown fired. He isn’t willing to just blame cops for the problems, being a cop himself, but he calls out the State’s Attorney and the judges. Who granted have failed to hold up their part of the system.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk.

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