The Steel Industry Recovers

This will only be “local news,” because good economic news doesn’t help the Democrats. U.S. Steel restarting another blast furnace at Gary Works as steel industry recovers.

The Pittsburgh-based steelmaker, one of Northwest Indiana’s largest industrial employers, idled blast furnaces as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that shuttered many auto plants, some of the largest end users of steel products. But it fired back up the No. 6 Blast Furnace at Gary Works right after the 4th of July weekend and is now bringing the No. 8 blast furnace back online.

Why produce more steel? Because the auto industry is recovering as well.

The announcement comes at a time when production has been picking back up after auto factories like the Chicago Assembly Plant went back to work and ramped back up to three shifts. Steel production in the Great Lakes region climbed up to 450,000 tons last week, up from around 400,000 a week a few weeks ago, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute.

Well, and there was an explosion at another mill which showed “shrapnel of refractory” indicating that the furnace suffered serious damage.

But good economic news on the auto industry and steel fronts? That is only local interest! The media has to cover how Trump is killing people with COVID-19.

Note: A recent post on Detroit, got me thinking about steel on Chicago’s South Side. I remember when the City of Chicago paid the gas bill on the blast furnaces for two years, because shutting off the furnaces meant they would have to be partially destroyed to relight them. Anyway, that brought about search on steel, and what do you know, good economic news.