Did His Life Matter?

Apparently not to the media. Report: 5-Year-Old White Child Executed in His Front Yard While Riding His Bike by His Black Neighbor…Media Silent.

And then there’s this story here – about a little boy named Cannon Hinnant who was shot at point-blank range by his black neighbor for reasons that nobody even knows at this point. And the media is once again silent even though entire cities have burned to the ground over the past several months for George Floyd – who once held a gun against a pregnant woman’s stomach and threatened to kill her while his friends robbed her home.

I’m not suggesting Floy’d life was less valuable; I actually believe his death was horrific. But I am suggesting that the media thinks his life is far more important politically than little Cannon’s life was.

No way Cannon Hinnat’s death is going to help the Democrats in November.