Will The Last Person to Leave New York City…

Turn out the lights. A mad rush for the exits as New York City goes down the tubes.

Moving companies are crazy busy, even though COVID-19 seems be on its way out. So people are not just trying to flee the virus.

One likely reason: The virus was but the last straw; New Yorkers are fed up with the shootings and lootings, homelessness on the streets, sub-par online schools, sky-high taxes and the sheer obliviousness of pols like Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

I hope they remember that they didn’t like the liberal policies of de Blasio and Cuomo, and that they don’t vote for the same policies and the same types of politicians in their new locations. But I’m not optimistic.

City and state officials have fueled crime, setting inmates at jails and prisons free and handcuffing cops, and they refuse to do anything meaningful to roll it back. Prosecutors, too, are declining to prosecute. Judges are letting suspects walk.

Last month, Bronx Criminal Court Judge Jeanine Johnson released an illegal-immigrant rape suspect, on no bail.

So what is the result of all those social-justice-motivated actions? Gun violence shot up 177% in July, NYPD says.

There were 244 shootings in July in New York City this year. There were 88 shooings in July of 2019.

Murders increased 59 percent for the month over July 2019 with 54 versus 34. The number of burglaries also rose to 1,297 over 989, a 39 percent increase. The number of auto thefts shot up to 892 from 583 or 53 percent citywide.

The Post article also makes reference to “mediocre schools.” So what are the benefits of paying the high taxes in New York City?

Seems more people are asking themselves that question. NYC moms fleeing Upper West Side amid crime and chaos. (Hat tip for that link to The Other McCain.)

Due to increasingly squalid conditions on the Upper West Side, including two new homeless shelters packed with junkies and registered sex offenders, longtime dwellers are departing the Big Apple with no plans to ever return.

The question, in a detailed form is…

“It’s this slow slide,” [Elizabeth Carr] said. “How can families stay here? Does the city want families to stay?”

The answer to that question is apparently, “No!”

People are having trouble finding brokers for real estate in once-desirable areas because the slide is so fast. Carr, a non-profit exec, is moving permanently to North Carolina.

Others seem to think that mayor de Blasio actually has a “vendetta” against the demographic that is leaving the city. (Their word, vendetta, not mine.)

Allison Eden, 50, a married [Upper West Side] mother of two teens, just listed her gut-renovated West End Avenue apartment of 22 years. “I don’t want to leave,” she said. “But I don’t feel like I have a choice now. How do I let my children cross the street when homeless people are shooting up?

“As a parent, this isn’t the place I once knew. I feel like NYC is disappearing so fast and no one’s doing anything,” said the tile manufacturer, who drags her two boys to work with her so they’re not fending for themselves outside alone.

So what happens to the city if all the gainfully employed leave?

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