Friday Links

Gun Culture 2.0 and Professor David Yamane starts things off with Resources By and About William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting

I want to create an ongoing collection of resources by and about William Aprill so that his legacy to the gun training industry and gun culture is not lost.

The Daley Gator – Sometimes some Republicans just amaze me And not in a good way.

Political Hat – Next On The Woke Agenda: Overturning Loving v Virginia?

The policy of racial inclusion and even of integration, once a hallmark of civil rights, has already been declared to be racist

Clash Daily – Hotel Guest Stabbed To Death, Throat Crushed By Homeless Convicted Killer Staying There Because Of COVID

Real Climate Science – Scientists Say ….

Had Enough Therapy? – Andrew Cuomo: the Lord High Executioner

The Feral Irishman – On this date in history one of the greatest documentaries (LOL) ever made debuted in theaters across the country, “Red Dawn”. It is hard to believe it was 36 years ago.

The Other McCain – ‘She Ain’t Us’: How the #ADOS Attack Undermines ‘Phony’ Kamala

Babalú Blog – Cuban slave doctors sent to Venezuela are paid $4 a month

While socialists claim they want to stop the exploitation of the worker, there has never been a political ideology more proficient at exploiting and enslaving workers.

Moonbattery – New York City Houses the Homeless in Luxury Hotels What could go wrong?

Jihad Watch – Ilhan Omar Won’t Get Prosecuted for Immigration Fraud, Showing Who Really Has the Privilege

Second City Cop – “Peaceful” A few thoughts on the “Protest” in Indianapolis.

Way Up North – Questions to Ask the Democrats, and Yourself

Coyote Blog – Do Teachers

I have been frustrated for years, long before the advent of BLM, at the structural and cultural barriers to holding police accountable for violence against citizens. But I am equally frustrated at BLM and the Left for frittering away the moment, focusing on violence and looting Apple stores rather than the hard, city by city work of real reform.

The Last Tradition – Back to Bad Old Days: NYC shootings in 2020 have nearly doubled 2019’s pace

19th Ward Chicago – Ingraham: Democrat cities implode

Independent Women’s Forum – The Crisis of Urban Leadership: As murders soar, too many city officials are dithering and posturing.

The OK Corral – Ladies, Your Christmas Gift Is Here The Watermelon Bag?

In fairness, the Watermelon Bag could also carry a human head. So there’s that.

Lone Star Gun Rights – Protesters Invading Seattle Police Chief’s Home Said They Were Met With Guns And Felt Unsafe. I’m heart-broken that they didn’t “feel safe.” OK, maybe not…

The Post Millennial – NPR fires weatherman for comparing Seattle riots to Germany in 1938 on his personal blog

Ace of Spades HQ – Vicious Mentally-Ill Sadists Now Trying to Cancel… a 16 Year Old Girl for Practicing Accents When She Was 9 Years Old

Again from The Daley Gator – Armed ” mostly peaceful protesters” attack cop and his family at his home

Kunstler – Let The Dogs Out Thoughts on Biden’s candidacy. Pre-Kamala announcement as it were.

Again from The Other McCain – Probably Not Trump Voters: 20 Shot When Gunfight Breaks Out at D.C. Party