Antifa versus Sturgis Bikers

Showing up in Stugis, South Dakota, was probably not the smartest thing they could have done. Antifa Goes To Sturgis!!!! Luckily For Them No One Was Demanding to “Defund the Police” There.

So today is the last day of Stugis 2020. Apparently at some point during the week, a handful (less than 10?) of Antifa geniuses decided it would be a good idea to challenge the largest collection of Bikers in the world.

This seems to be the only incident that took place, and the Police were well prepared to not let things get out of hand. As you can see it looks like only 5-6 Antifa-clad protesters were involved — and about 10,000 motorcycle enthusiasts.

If Sturgis police had followed Seattle’s example, then I think that a couple of the Antifa members would have been in the hospital or the morgue. Bikers don’t generally screw around. I saw a news clip, from a couple of years ago, where local news had caught members of The Hell’s Angels, The Faithful Few, Guard Dogs, and Original Sinners.

The video you will find at the link above has no sound. And while you don’t need the sound to see what is going on, the video below has sound. I find the silent videos annoying for some reason, though sometimes the sound can also be annoying.

I particularly like the guy in T-shirt that says “Stomp MY flag, and I’ll Stomp your ass.”

Here’s a link to that local news coverage I mentioned. Unfortunately virtually ALL of the coverage this year is about COVID-19, and how horrible it is that a bunch of people would not wear masks.

Here is some video from 2020 about Shantell Williams, who just set a record for visiting 48 states in 27 days. She made her ride in honor of Bessie Stringfield. (Hat tip for the original link to Pirate’s Cove. There is a lot more of interest at that link.)


8 thoughts on “Antifa versus Sturgis Bikers

  1. You observed that: “If Sturgis police had followed Seattle’s example, then I think that a couple of the Antifa members would have been in the hospital or the morgue.”

    I beg to differ. If the Sturgis police followed the example of most of the lefty city Cops, as soon as Antifa started losing the fight, they would have intervened and arrested the Bikers.

    I’m not anti-Cop in any way, but based on my observations over the past couple or three months, the Police are going to have to sort out which side they are on, because the deck seems to be stacked in favor of Antifa and BLM most places.

    Witness, just for instance, the hands-off policy when Antifa attacked the attendees at Michelle Malkin’s pro-Police rally in Denver. A lot of them don’t seem to be much interested in having our support.

    Just saying….

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    • While I don’t disagree with you exactly, I was referring to an earlier post, which I guess I should have made explicit.

      You Don’t Want Police Protection? In which the officers of Seattle were no where to be found on Friday, and just let the mob do what it wanted. Which in that case was destroy businesses in honor of George someone. I forget who, and by their actions, it’s clear they aren’t honoring anyone.


  2. Antifa lucky local police there or the may have been crawling out. Biker tight knit and they have no political views…they follow what is right by constitution.. One for all! Need more biker rallies to control the left! Let them collect and protect the ballots no cheating then. Liberty or death, BIKERS fight till death! Ride on Brothers!


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  4. Well, they really didn’t do squat though, did they? Just stood around and jeered. Didn’t even shower them with rocks and bottles, you know, stand-off violence. The first poster here hints at the truth: the System, the government, the cops who work for them, and antifa all have the same goals, mostly keeping the white population under control so they can continue to be milked. Look how aggressively the police address this crowd. The cops are not going to choose your side because you don’t pay their salaries, your slave masters do. That the money originates from you is irrelevant. The way the System has mollycoddled antifa makes your status within it all too obvious (humiliation is a large part of the control program). You’re a serf whose rights and interests need not be considered much.

    There are three takeaways here: the first is that the iron law of history is if you won’t fight, you’re going to be f***ed, by somebody on the outside or somebody on the inside or both. Secondly, this isn’t you against antifa, this is you against the establishment and the government. The government violates your basic human and civil rights by using antifa/blm as a domestic Blackwater. The third is that mass immigration has almost eliminated your ability to retaliate in the voting booth. They don’t fear the silent majority because it no longer exists. A lot of conservative illusions are going to be shed in the next ten years.


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