Antifa vs People Willing to Fight Back

Antifa hasn’t really had to face much opposition. Here’s what happens when they do. When ‘Woke Muscles’ Meet Men Who Fight

So Antifa attempted to march on 2 neighborhoods in the Bronx. One predominately Italian-American, and one that was Italian, Albanian, and Irish. They were met with armed resistance.

The one Bronx neighborhood, which is residential but has many small businesses on the main thoroughfare, did not suffer the riots, looting, arson, and violence that have been prevalent in cities and towns across America. When Antifa came for it, the Italians, Irish, and Albanians, armed with pistols, rifles, baseball bats, swords, and knives, merged onto the main thoroughfare, blocking it and other tertiary streets. Faced with armed resistance, Antifa’s forces were compelled to accept who and what they are, a band of spoiled white college kids who like to break things, play dress-up, and pretend they are a force to be reckoned with.

Or as they note, getting the police to back off cuts both ways.

The rioting continues because Democrat governors and mayors want it to continue. They believe that the violence and destruction can be used against Trump politically to cost him re-election. The many Americans who are suffering because of their feckless leadership are, to them, merely necessary collateral damage. Imagine: if leftists are fine with hurting Americans to gain power, what will they do to us when they have it?

There is much more, including the fact that they seem to have gotten much better gear than they had a few years back. Hat tip to Wirecutter.

4 thoughts on “Antifa vs People Willing to Fight Back

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  2. I’m proud of my fellow Bronxites, especially since they dug in and didn’t flee when things started going sour years ago (like I did).

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    • Discretion. Valor. Greater Part.

      The people who left NYC before the middle of this year were smart. Especially if you owned a home. Manhattan RE prices are falling so fast, people can’t find a broker to handle a property in “hot” neighborhoods from a few years ago.

      And it will be years – maybe decades – before NYC fixes the mess left behind by de Blasio and Cuomo. First someone will actually have to admit that Law and Order is an important concept in a large city.


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