Friday Links

We start off with a post to get your weekend rolling. Whiskey… from MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word…

The Post Millennial – New DA in Portland admits he is ‘old buddies’ with an Antifa militant

Schneier on Security – Copying a Key by Listening to It in Action They can limit the choices to 3.

Researchers are using recordings of keys being used in locks to create copies.

Moonbattery – Goodyear Imposes Wokeness

19th Ward Chicago – I think Anderson Cooper is creepy Cooper vs MyPillow CEO

Beans at Chant du Départ – Now That’s a Knoife! A bit on close quarters fighting with pointy/slashy objects.

Meep at STUMP – Taxing Tuesday: California Nuts and New York… Whatever We’ve Got

The Other McCain – The War Against Judgment Things are not to have inherent meaning, or my feelings are never wrong.

A View from the Beach – A Good Start

DC’s river tunnel is keeping billions of gallons of sewage out of the Anacostia

SiGraybeard – The Cancel Mob Hits My Extended Backyard University of Central Florida.

The story centers on the fact that a tenured professor of psychology said a couple of things that the Wokescolds objected to and they’re determined to destroy him professionally.

Again from Moonbattery – Doglines Coming to North Korea? Possibly as a food source. (Owning dogs is a Capitalistic thing to do!)

Red State – ‘Grounds for Dismissal’: College Professor Bans Pro-Life Opinions From the Classroom Can’t have those dangerous ideas, like pro-life or religion, discussed in college.

Again from The Other McCain – Chicago: ‘Find Some Place to Loot’

Say hello to Aaron Neal, criminal mastermind.

The Bookworm Room – Austin is trying to deter crime the ‘Minority Report’ way

And finally Thursday gifdump from Knuckledraggin My Life Away.