Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups

Wombat-socho from The Other McCain starts us off with In The Mailbox: 08.19.20

Hogewash: The Future In Films, also, Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day
Hollywood In Toto: No Safe Spaces, Conservative Documentaries Crushing Amazon DVD Sales,also, What Does The Chosen Have Planned For Season 2

Bacon Time!!! would have been in the Roundup, but Matthew has discovered that the “New and Improved” post editor from WordPress is a less appealing than a chocolate-coated turd. Here’s hoping he gets things straightened out by Sunday!

EBL – Taylor Swift: August

Legal Insurrection : Herman Cain
American Spectator: Hidin’ Biden
A View from the Beach: New WuFlu

Flopping Aces – The Week In Radical Leftism, 8/21/2020

Professor: Math is “White Supremacist Patriarchy!”
Yes, these jet fuel geniuses are actually against intelligence. Of course, that does explain things…

Freedom Is Just Another Word… – Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

WOW! Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends ban on protesters on her block: ‘I have a right to make sure that my home is secure
Because she is more important then you…

Again from Wombat-socho – In The Mailbox: 08.20.20

EBL: Kim Klacik For Congress In MD-7
Twitchy: Even Tom Nichols Thought The “Julia & Andrew Show” Was Cringeworthy
Louder With Crowder: The Portland Man Assaulted By #BLM Is Speaking Out

The Right Way – Top of the News

Professors Fear COVID-19 as College Campuses Reopen – American Power
Random Thoughts August 17, 2020 – redpilljew

Battleswarm Blog – LinkSwarm for August 21, 2020

Democratic big money donor Ed Buck hit with four more felony charges.
Wait, the government can secretly plant cameras on your property as long as they’re outside?

A View from the Beach – Russiagate: Mueller Team Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Evidence for FISA Warrant.

the whole question of whether the Russians hacked the DNC is still in dispute. Still no Evidence of a ‘Russian Hack’. But they would if they could.

One last time from Wombat-socho at The Other McCain – In The Mailbox: 08.21.20

Cafe Hayek: When Are We Free To Choose?
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: Five Under The Fedora Thoughts

Ace of Spades HQ – The Morning Report – 8/20/20M

Daniel Greenfield: “The media is trying to keep a lid on the biggest scandal in a generation.”
Democrats Killed Cannon Hinnant and George Floyd

Maggie’s Farm – Thursday morning links

Why It’s Common Sense That Universal Mail-In Ballots Are A Terrible Idea
In Dark and Divisive Speech, Obama Seeks to Turn Back Clock on America

Doug Ross – Larwyn’s Linx: History Keeps Proving Democrats Wrong

Pics: FL airport discovered live missile, evacuated: AMN
Second fire in a week at Portland Jewish center causes significant damage: KATU
Trump Campaign Sues 3 Iowa Counties over “Pre-Filled-In” Mail-in Ballots: Hannah Bleau

Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/20/2020

Accused Portland Attacker Marquise Love Has Lengthy Rap Sheet
The attacker being sought by Portland authorities for allegedly knocking a man out cold during a chaotic demonstration over the weekend has a lengthy criminal record

I leave you with Cartoon Round Up…. from Theo Spark, and Thursday Memes … from Freedom Is Just Another Word…, and Thursday gifdump from Knuckledraggin My Life Away.


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