Good Guys 4, Bad Guys 0

You won’t see this on the national news. It is only of local interest. (Translation: It doesn’t advance the narrative.) Woman armed with handgun stops burglary, four people arrested, Bell County Sheriff’s Department says.

You could also file this under “A Failure of the victim-selection process.” And Texans are still armed.

The woman was upstairs and heard what sounded like someone kicking down the front door, the sheriff’s department said. She went down stairs with a handgun and confronted the burglar, who the sheriff’s department said was also armed.

The burglar left the house without any shots being fired and got in a nearby vehicle. The vehicle, with four people inside, was later pulled over on FM 2410 in Belton.

And one of the guys arrested had an outstanding warrant for a shooting in January. He was charged accordingly.

Hat tip to The Daley Gator and Bearing Arms, where it is noted…

Here’s a story you won’t hear “gun safety” activists like Shannon Watts talk about, even though it involves a strong, empowered woman using a firearm responsibly to ensure her own safety.

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