Portland Has Gone Over the Edge

The breakdown of Law and Order is complete. Eighty-five days later, Portland’s daily criminality has become dangerously normal.

What we saw in one week.

On Monday, groups marched, blocked traffic, and shined lasers at officers. As they marched, they shouted, “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it? Burn it down!”

On Tuesday, they came back and set dumpster fires, broke windows at the Multnomah County building, and then set it on fire. They have continued to throw rocks, glass bottles, and paint balloons at police officers.

On Wednesday and Thursday, groups gathered outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building and began vandalizing it and shining lasers at the federal officers. The officers exited the building and began to disperse the crowds, along with Portland police.

On Friday, several federal buildings in Portland were closed after authorities received a threat that a vehicle filled with explosives would target a federal building.

Car bombs. A few years ago that was something most of us thought were relegated to failed states. But then “failed” state is describing Portland, and maybe all of Oregon, fairly well these days.

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