Friday Links

SiGraybeard starts us off with Just How Wrong Was The Population Bomb?

Moonbattery – Black Homicide Suspect Kills Himself, Rioters Riot

depolreablesunite –Kamala Harris & The Second Amendment, Your Comprehensive Guide…It’s Not Good

Conservative Tree House – Peter Thiel Questions Google Loyalty – Potentially Working for Chinese Interests…. Given how they feel about President Trump, it isn’t a strech to see them working against America.

Captain Capitalism – The Millennial Suicide Rate Cometh

American Thinker – Why I Am No Longer a Social Worker

Issue Insights – That Dirty Green Energy What happens when solar panels reach the end of their life? Manufacturing them isn’t clean either.

Again from American Thinker – There’s a reason that Netflix is sexualizing young girls

Liberty Unyielding – About that ‘lifelong Republican’ voting for Biden featured at the DNC He is a registered Democrat, and has voted as a Democrat in 4 of the last 5 Rhode Island primaries.

Again from The Other McCain – Why Fast Food Isn’t Fast Anymore (and Other Serious Social Problems)

Mike Rowe – Off The Wall: Forcing an Overdue Conversation

The Post Millennial –Biden supporters arrested for stealing Trump hat from 7-year-old child Arrested, but my guess is the DA will look the other way.

The Other McCain – ‘Mostly Peaceful Protests’ After Cops Shoot Black Man in Kenosha, Wisconsin