How Medical “Science” Killed Thousands of Women

People using science to justify their political positions, forget that scientists are people, with goals, ambitions, etc. They do make honest mistakes, but they also do some stuff that is dishonest.

This is a long thread at Twitter, on a somewhat disturbing subject. Falsifying medical research for you own career advancement.

From farther down in the thread…

Warning: the following is really, really nasty.

The studies were barely studies. No ethical approval, no notes, no eligibility results, no followup, no proper care. Most records didn’t exist, and those that did were horrifying. This was the Tuskagee moment in oncology.

But while he was flying high, Dr. Werner Bezwoda was hero, to the medical profession.

2 thoughts on “How Medical “Science” Killed Thousands of Women

  1. My wife was affected by this. She had high-dose chemo and a stem cell transplant for breast cancer in 1997. Thankfully, she’s fine today, but of the dozen women in her support group, all of them given about a 75% chance of survival, she’s the only survivor. Only one other woman in the group made it to five years. 2 out of 12 isn’t 75% in any known universe.

    The scandal broke about him falsifying the data during her five year recovery. The other woman who made it past five years passed away a few years ago. She was told the lymphoma she developed was a side effect of the high dose chemo she got with her stem cell transplant.


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