“You just don’t mess with guns when you’re drinking”

Is there a safe gun-handling rule that covers this? It is one of the things that goes without saying. Witness: Fatal shooting victim had been drinking, firing gun before death

Alcohol can be dangerous to your health; it makes you do stupid shit. Though the sheriff lists the death as ‘suspicious.’

Ted Samples, who previously spoke with police, said in an interview with The Winchester Star on Monday that the homeowner complied when he told him to stop shooting around 4 a.m.

“He went inside and put the gun in a cabinet, so I figured it was done and over with. And then [30] minutes later, here comes the cops and the ambulance,” said Samples, who lives across from the home and was able to see inside. “You just don’t mess with guns when you’re drinking. It’s unfortunate.”

The stupid can kill you.

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