The End of the Not-so-perfect Week

So the previous owner of my home liked climbing ivy. And let it go all over the base of the shutters around the windows at the front of the house. While dealing with the landscaping issue du Juor a couple of months ago, I noticed that the shutters were completely rotten. Between then and today, the bottom fell out of 4 of the 12 shutters. Add in the on-going landscape problems, and the house was starting to look abandoned.

While pulling down the shutters I disturbed something. Either bees or wasps or something. I’m guessing wasps based on the number of nests behind the shutters. I got stung on my cheekbone.

Right now it just hurts like I got punched in the face. (And yes, I do know what that feels like.) I’m guessing that in the morning I will look like I lost a bar fight.

2020 can’t be over soon enough at this point.

5 thoughts on “The End of the Not-so-perfect Week

  1. My brother was cutting the grass a couple of weeks ago and stirred up a yellow jacket nest. Two of them nailed him, but he got his revenge. He waited for a few days, and mother nature let loose with a thunder storm. The next morning, before daylight, he slipped out to the nest with a large pot of boiling water. He dumped it on the hole and nothing came out. A few hours later he went to see if anything was coming out of the hole.

    Yep, a trail of red ants was hauling yellow jacket parts back to their nest.

    Getting rid of wasps that are inside your house will be a beast. I suggest tossing a few cans of bug bombs in the attic towards the nest(s) at night. Then getting outside with a few cans of wasp & hornet killer to spray at the ones coming out. Have some friends to help, and provide cover. Wear appropriate clothing and be careful.


  2. NO fun!! Had that experience with a wasp nest by a chimney, hit it with wasp spray, neighbor says he never saw anybody run off a roof like that and land, still running…Was much younger and spry then..


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