Because Nothing Is More Important Than the Rules

At least to a bureaucrat. Besides, if they don’t just follow the rules, then you are asking them to THINK. Do you really think that is a good idea? Florida Attorney Says Client Turned Away From Filing Restraining Order Due To Coronavirus Restrictions.

The courthouse was full, and The Rules state that only a certain number of people will be let in. What’s that you say? Your life is in danger? Well too fucking bad, we have to OBEY The Rules.

Now I am not a great believer in domestic violence restraining orders. They fail to restrain anyone from doing anything in way too many situations. But they are interesting legal documents, so that I do think you should have one if you need one. But I also believe that if you need a restraining order against someone, then you need a plan for your personal safety. I recommend a 9mm semiautomatic, a case of ammo, and some instruction/time at the range. Though it is pretty nearly impossible to find ammo these days.

In the meantime, the courthouse in question is revising the rules, because even they don’t think asking people to think and use judgement is a good idea.

And I can’t even call this Peak Florida, because it isn’t a Florida issue, it’s a bureaucracy issue.

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