How Hard Is It To NOT Get Shot By Cops?

Keep your hands on the wheel, and don’t act like a jackass. The Case of the Non-Compliant Motorist. I would add “don’t be a criminal” but I think that would be going too far.

Batista-Concepcion was a criminal in possession of a gun. He didn’t want to cooperate with cops, he was obviously wasted, and he got shot. I don’t know if there are riots already, or if those are planned for tomorrow.

Question: Exactly how are gun-control laws supposed to be enforced? What do liberals think should happen when gangsters flagranlty advertise their violation of gun-control laws, as did Deon Kay and his buddies, by posting online images of themselves with their weapons? This type of defiant behavior is, as I say, the hallmark of a criminal personality, and no one’s life is safe when such behavior is tolerated. Every simple traffic stop has the potential to become a life-or-death situation.

So what are we as a society to do? Just ignore the threats to public safety? (He’d been in 3 hit-and-run accidents that morning.)

This is the dilemma posed by such cases as Batista-Concepcion and Deon Kay. An obsessive devotion to “liberty in the abstract,” which characterizes the attitude of some of my libertarian friends, will always encounter problems in practical application, where madness and/or criminality renders a certain number of people incapable of responsible enjoyment of liberty.

He is in jail. Probably soon to be in prison. That won’t matter to the Left.