Professor Yamane Teaches The Basics of Gun Safety

So Professor David Yamane is once again teaching his seminar on The Sociology of Guns. But due to COVID restrictions, he has had to produce a few videos. I’m not sure if it is a loss for his students or not, but it is a gain for us. Sociology of Guns Student Field Trip to the Range, Year 6

The students in the seminar are mostly people who have never shot, or even held, a firearm. So these are the basics. But it is nice to have the basics available, clearly articulated, for reference. I have taught people to shoot starting from the point where they have never held a gun and are scared to do so. (That’s why .22 LR and .22 short are such great calibers.)

And you should be reading Professor Yamane’s writing. at Gun Curious and at Gun Culture 2.0. And he has links where you can Buy him a coffee.

The three videos are below.

The four rules of gun safety are presented as Pre-Range Visit Gun Safety Information

The basics of what kinds of guns there are, and how they differ is in the following video. Basic Firearms Information Video for Sociology of Guns Students

The trip to the range is not meant to be a training exercise. It is more just an icebreaker, but people do better with a little training on grip, stance and sight alignment. Basic Shooting Instruction Video

I would add one more video or two on the workings of the semiautomatic firearm. They are after the break

First up: 3D Animation: How a Pistol works

And… How An AR-15 Rifle Works: Part 2, Function. This explains visually how the hammer and sear work, how the bolt locks and unlocks, and how the direct gas-impingement system works. That is black magic to most people who have never considered such things.

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