Of Course You Can Defend Your Family

CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSSTell me how this would have ended if the “juvenile” didn’t have access to a firearm. Police: Juvenile shot, killed man inside Batesville apartment, possibly in self-defense.

Witnesses at the scene told investigators the juvenile shot the man, who was allegedly armed with a knife and attacking the juvenile’s mother.

Both the child and his mother are cooperating with authorities, and the Franklin County prosecutor said he would not pursue criminal charges until police complete their investigation.

So according to the Left, any firearms should have been “locked, securely away” from this kid, so that the only course of action available was to stand by and watch as this guy killed his mother. Or take on a grown man, who was armed with a knife, and obviously not to worried about inflicting harm.

So. I wish someone on the gun-hating Left would tell me how a dead mother, and an orphaned child would someone be preferable to dead miscreant.

Even though no one has been identified, I’m going to assume this was a domestic-violence encounter.

Self-defense is a human-right.

4 thoughts on “Of Course You Can Defend Your Family

    • Innocent until proved guilty in a court of law…

      And the determination of self-defense will hinge on the completion of the investigation. And some jurisdictions hate self-defense.


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  2. Immigrants will put the left into power and the left will curb, if not gut, the First and Second Amendments. This is all that really matters. There are plenty of places, particularly in the West, where you practically have to have a knife sticking in your guts before you can defend yourself. Plenty of places where various “human rights” are routinely violated. Rational and practical arguments in favor of them don’t protect those rights against political power. You lost your freedom when you went along with the Ruling Trash’s policies of open borders, and neither the courts or the ballot box are going to change that.


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