Friday Links

Somewhat late and somewhat abbreviated. But here are Friday’s links. Such as they are. Patch Tuesday reared its ugly head this week, and caused a “few” problems.

Meep at Stump starts things off with Public Pensions Analysis: High-level Changes in Unfunded Liabilities as a Percentage of State GDP I know, math is hard, but Meep does all the heavy lifting.

19th Ward Chicago on the Mayor’s plans – Wants to cancel Halloween I still do not think Chicago’s Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, looks like Beetlejuice.

Ace of Spades HQ – One Graph Demonstrates the Shocking Toll Andrew Cuomo Took on NY’s Elderly

CNS News – Anti-Border Fence Mich. Gov. Whitmer Building 8-Foot High, Electrified Fence Around Governor’s Residence

Clayton Cramer – Try Not to Go Into Shock: N.Y. Times Op-Ed Piece Calling Out Democrats on Their Support for Rich People

Moonbattery – Evidence Accrues That Black Lives Matter Is a Terrorist Organization

Tam at View from the Porch – Automotif CLXXXII… an “in the wild” sighting of a McClaren.

The Other McCain – Georgia Women: ‘We Can Have Wakanda! We Just Have to Build It for Ourselves!’

SiGraybeard – Early College Covid Indications – Lots of Positive Tests, Nothing Bad

Again from Moonbattery – Arrest of Pregnant Mom Illustrates Difference Between Right and Left

And again from The Other McCain – Why White Lives Don’t Matter