Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence

Weep for the state of our culture. Colorado school calls sheriff on boy, 12, who showed toy gun in virtual class.

He was just moving it out of his way. And it is clearly a toy. But that doesn’t matter to woke-scolds in charge of public indoctrination, masquerading as education.

The concerned teacher notified the school’s principal, who suspended Elliott for five days and called the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office without first talking to Elliott’s parents, the report said.

“If her main concern was his safety, a two-minute phone call to me or my husband could easily have alleviated this whole situation to where I told them it was fake,” Dani Elliott, Isaiah’s mom, told KDVR.

But her main concern wasn’t about safety; it was about ideological conformity.

Insanity is the order of the day.

3 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence

  1. Don’t forget the kid gets a permanent police record out of this. There’s no telling what sort of impacts that will have as he goes through the rest of his schooling.


  2. A good argument for school vouchers, if you could take your kid and the money to another school, this crap would stop.


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