A Review of the Media’s Attacks on Trump

And the Left’s attacks. But I repeat myself. Desperately Derailing Donald

In case you haven’t been paying attention. If you have been paying attention seeing it all in one place is a bit amazing.

In terms of bombshells, what does the Left do after the 2016 suit to decertify voting machines, the FISA court abuse, the effort to sabotage electors’ votes, the first impeachment drive, the Logan Act gambits, the Emoluments Clause joke, the 25th Amendment ruse, the Russian collusion hoax, the 22-month-asleep-at-the-wheel Mueller and his “all-stars,” Ukraine! Ukraine!, the second impeachment drive, and the 2020 trifecta of Trump as Typhoid Mary, Bull Connor, and Herbert Hoover?

The point is, in Jussie Smollett fashion, the demand for scandals is outrunning the supply and time grows short.

Lauren Jobs, who owns The Atlantic, and The Atlantic’s attack on Trump of “disrespecting the military…

All this was from a left-wing media that not long ago damned a “militaristic” Trump for being infatuated with generals, and putting far too many in his White House, while needlessly spending billions on manpower and equipment to repair a military hollowed out by the Obama Administration.

And as I noted on Twitter, Anonymous sources can say whatever the hell they want. Or what the reporters want.

It goes on.

One thought on “A Review of the Media’s Attacks on Trump

  1. In 1986 I married insanity. I didn’t know that. Utterly totally complete religios insane psycho. Of the very great many lessons I learned over 23 years married to insanity is there is no bargaining with insane. No prayers to Jesus do anything. No negotiation, no amount of conseling and no reasoning either. It is exact same with leftist whacko’s today. There is NO reasoning with utter psychotic hatred.

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