Pensacola Bay Bridge Damaged by Barge

Known locally as The Three Mile Bridge, it was damaged in Hurricane Sally. Three Mile Bridge suffers massive damage after Hurricane Sally topples crane, section missing

The Pensacola Bay Bridge carries US 98, which a great scenic route to take in the panhandle of Florida. In that part of the world it crosses the from the isthmus of land that includes Oriole Beach, and Gulf Islands National Seashore, over to the mainland and Pensacola. Without that bridge, the detour to get the mainland is probably 20 miles or more, depending on where you start and where you are headed.

Photographs posted on social media are showing damage to the surface of the Pensacola Bay Bridge. The images indicate a crane fell on the bridge and knocked away a section of the road way.

The current bridge is 1/2 of a new bridge under construction. It opened in 2019.

As of the time the article linked above was published, Florida Dept. of Transportation hadn’t been able to inspect the bridge due to Tropical Storm Sally.

The politicians are lying pulling facts out of the air. Hurricane Sally: Pensacola Bay Bridge may be out of commission a month or more

A spokesperson for the DOT said Wednesday afternoon that staff would be inspecting the damage to local structures once conditions were safe to do so and providing updates about their status.

There is no word where that “30 to 60 days” comes from. Yes the contractor that is building the 2nd half of the bridge is onsite, but depending on the extent of the damage it might be that the equipment they need is not immediately available. And several pieces of their equipment have been damaged or destroyed… Like the barge and crane that damaged the bridge. But politicians don’t like to say “I don’t know,” or “We don’t have that information at this time.”

While I expect updates will be forthcoming, I’m not sure I care about this bridge enough to pursue it. It isn’t crumbling infrastructure, it hasn’t been ignored, it was destroy by a hurricane.