Disintegration of the Social Fabric Continues in Baltimore

crime scene tape“Authorities” haven’t got a clue. Surge of violence in Baltimore continues, with fatal shootings in Federal Hill and East Baltimore/Midway

The fatal shootings of a 39-year-old man at the popular park overlooking the Inner Harbor and another man in the 2300 block of Homewood Ave., as wall as the nonfatal shootings of three other people, mean that at least 52 people have been shot in a nine-day span, 14 of them fatally

There is quite a lot of info on that shooting in the park, including how residents would not help an injured man for fear of the shooter.

As for the “authorities” they have the same platitudes I’ve heard for decades.

“We have to change that culture of violence, but we have to do a better job of figuring out how to interrupt these violent interactions before they happen,” [Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael] Harrison said. “But that takes a great deal of intelligence and community support to feed that information to us so we can be in the right place and be with the right people.

I’m almost surprised he didn’t say that they need to win over the “hearts and minds” of the people of Baltimore.

When crime was spiraling out of control in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the crime statistics were not reduced by “interactions” unless by that you mean all of the “get tough on crime” measures that are so out-of-favor today. Minimum sentencing. Tougher sentences. More policing. So when everyone is talking about Defund the Police, what exactly do you think is going to happen to crime?

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