Citizens Lose Faith In Chicago

They don’t believe the “authorities” can keep them safe. Probably they have good reason. Community activists call on Lightfoot to give kids bulletproof backpacks amid Chicago gun violence

Some community activists in Chicago want children to carry bulletproof backpacks in an effort to stem the growing number of young gun violence victims.

This is after another child, 8-year-old Dajore Wilson was killed by gunman while she was riding in the back of her parents’ car.

Hat tip to Second City Cop – Desperate Measures, who notes…

Groot is looking to set records as a baby-killer, assisted by the useless Crimesha who keeps releasing gun offenders, knife offenders and every manner of killer she can find.

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  1. ‘Lose’ not ‘loose’,please Sorry but the libs are ‘loose’ because they’re ‘losing’.


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