The Woman Who Tried to Poison Trump

I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite. This doesn’t seem polite. Crazy People Are Dangerous: Meet Canada’s Version of Deborah Frisch

Pascale Ferrier is a 53-year-old Canadian woman who was arrested in connection with a letter containing ricin that was sent to President Donald Trump last week.

You see she has cousins in the US and doesn’t want them living under Trump. Otherwise I would ask, “Why do Canadians even care?” Though Trump did put a pin in their sweetheart deal helping China dump steel in the US.

How many Americans can tell you who the Prime Minister of Canada is? Who held that job before? What I thought.

If you don’t know who Deborah Frisch is, click thru for a reminder.

One thought on “The Woman Who Tried to Poison Trump

  1. Canada’s PM is (or was) Blackface McSockbae. (Justin Trudeau, but multiple instances of shoe-polishing himself were unsurprisingly mainly handwaved away, if not just ignored. The other bit refers to everyone (not everyone) gushing over his cutesy-wootsey sock choices.)

    (Is/was because I really don’t care, other than to make well-deserved fun of him)

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