You’re In Public. You Have “No Expectation” of Privacy

This woman is insane. Tik Tok Trouble: Albany Park Woman Upset With Man Taping Her Without Consent.

CBS 2’s Meredith Barack has a warning from that woman and an apology from the man who posted the video.

It all began at a BP gas station at Pulaski and Montrose when Vanessa Gonzalez said a van pulled up and gave her an uneasy feeling.

Days later, she would find out the man inside was recording her. He said it was because she was texting while pumping gas, which signage does warn against.

She recommended that women call police. Really? You don’t want to be recorded, and you call the police.

So she wants to call the police….who will drive up in a camera equipped car, wearing a camera, and then probably be surrounded by half-a-dozen morons whipping out their camera phones….for something that is completely legal last time we checked. Legal and encouraged by society it would seem.

Even if he told the cops he was making a “spank video” for his own personal needs at home, it still isn’t illegal.

That link in the quote is Second City Cop, who gets the hat tip, and he has a point. People can video you when you are in public. Welcome to the 21st Century.

2 thoughts on “You’re In Public. You Have “No Expectation” of Privacy

  1. Not only can people video her while she’s in public, chances are she has been recorded several times a day, maybe a dozen, maybe more. We get recorded at most intersections while stopped for a light, while walking around the neighborhood by people’s doorbells and security cameras, and so many other times. There are cameras in every store, at every check out counter, every bank…

    She’s over reacting.

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