The Truth of Breonna Taylor

Because the media is not interested in Truth. The Truth About Breonna Taylor, Part 1: Separating BLM’s Myth From Reality

Take a close look at those photos. They were taken Jan. 2, 2020, in the 2400 block of Elliott Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky. These police surveillance photos show a 2016 white Chevrolet Impala, with the Kentucky tag 140 ZAT. Getting out of the car is convicted narcotics trafficker Jamarcus Glover. He is exiting the Impala in front of the so-called “trap house” where he and his associates were dealing drugs.

The owner of that car was Breonna Taylor.

Oh, and then there is …

LMPD didn’t find that money at Breonna Taylor’s apartment, but did I mention that, not long after she was seen in the 2013 Impala dropping off Glover at the “trap house,” Breonna got a new car? It was a black Dodge Charger, and it was also seen by LMPD surveillance.

So you can see how the cops might get the idea that she was involved the drug trade.

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